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Aloha Medicinals is the largest in the world manufacturer of the highest quality certified organic medicnial mushrooms

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Over the last few decades the science of nutrition has progressed to the greater understanding of the physiological and genetic mechanisms by which diet and individual food components influence health and disease. Scientific evidence is supporting the view that diet controls and modulates many functions of the human body and accordingly participates in the maintenance of the state of good health or homeostasis necessary to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. While we cannot control our chronological age, we do have control over our biological age.

Our goal is to  introduce to you finished products from all over the world  in most cases USA and Japan,  that are using only  highest  quality raw material available in the world today, products that passed our strictest criteria  and finally products that we ourselves regularly use. 

We have introduced to you products that we believe are world unique in quality and strength, it should be now your starting point for  further exploration.

Editor's Note: This web site is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Immune-Assist 247™ - bottle of 90 caplets - 1025 mg
Immune Assist 24/7™ is a third generation immune support supplement
Pure Cordyceps Capsules - bottle of 90 capsules - 620 mg
The most potent Cordyceps available today with a DNA profile exactly matching that of wild Cordyceps!
Performax Forte - bottle of 90 tablets - 750 mg time released
Performax Forte is a cutting edge herbal and mushroom formulation! Consisting of the finest blend of Rhodiola rosea and Organic Cordyceps sinensis
Pure Red Reishi Capsules - bottle of 90 capsules 500 mg
Pure pharmaceutical grade that is hundreds of times more potent than any Reishi grown in the wild
GanoUltra™ – Super Potent Four Color Reishi Capsules
GanoUltra™ is a Full Spectrum Mycoproduct, with all the naturally occurring properties that Ganoderma has been known for throughout its long history
Aloha Medicinals Pure Agaricus Blazei ™ Capsules 90ct
It was originally found in Brazil in a region where the people are known to live longer and healthier lives than the average
Aloha Medicinals Pure Hericium™ bottle of 90 capsules 500 mg
The most potent Hericium in the world produced by a state of the art 21st century proprietary solid state fermentation process
Aloha Medicinals, Chaga Gold, 525 mg, 90 Capsules
Certified Organic cultivated Chaga grown in America by the World’s largest grower of cultivated Chaga
Aloha Medicinals Levolar Forte™  750mg caps,120 ct bottles
Proprietary blend of Salacia oblonga, Organic Grifola frondosa, and Coprinus comatus extracts, full spectrum Organic Cordyceps sinensis, Cinnamon extrac
Shiitake Gold - bottle of 90 capsules - 500 mg
Shiitake Gold by Aloha Medicinals contains the highest percentage of Lentinan of any dietary supplement in the world!
Meshima Gold - bottle of 90 capsules - 500 mg
Meshima Gold™ from Aloha Medicinals is the World's absolute best Meshima product
Maitake Gold - bottle of 90 capsules - 500 mg
The highest level of of protein bound beta glucan found in ANY Maitake dietary Supplement in the world
Coriolus Gold - bottle of 90 capsules - 500 mg
Mixture of two strains of Trametes Versicolor, the CM-101 strain from Japan and the COV-1 strain from China
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Performax Forte


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Pure Hericium

Chaga Gold

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